How Contract hiring improves productivity of your business

"The Gig economy is the latest trend and adopting a model of how and when we require resources and for how long and planning hiring accordingly would prove the best productivity tactic for your business"


Recognize your need

  • Let us know your project need
  • Let us together decide on the technical expertise you require for your project.
  • Let us then plan for the number of resources you will need from us.
  • We shall then take action to source resources with right technical expertise into your project.

Plan Hiring

  • You will have access to the complete profile of our Developers.
  • You may choose the Developers, whom you want to interview.
  • Alternatively, you may also try our Developer for a week.
  • On expressing your satisfaction, we shall then start the contracting procedure.
  • We will make sure that the right skill set and talent is sourced into your project.

Hire the best

  • We may schedule an interview with the Developers, should you require.
  • Alternatively, you may also try the Developers for a week and then decide on signing the contract with the Developers.
  • On dissatisfaction, we shall arrange for an alternate resource.
  • We will make sure that your resource need is absolutely met.

Take them on-board

  • After signing the contract, you may start off with the knowledge transfer.
  • You may also arrange for your in-house team's meeting with our Developers.
  • Our Developer shall ask you the right questions to understand your project completely.
  • Our Developer shall also understand your work culture and organizational goals and work accordingly.

Review their performance

  • You may try our Developers for a week to test their competence.
  • Even after signing the contract, our Developer shall regularly meet your expectations.
  • You may perform continuous review to evaluate our Developers' performance on your project.
  • You may provide regular feedbacks about our Developers' work directly to our Developers.

Continue if satisfied

  • You are welcome to provide suggestions to our Developers' when you find any improvement areas.
  • You may also get in touch with us if you want our Developer to change any of their approaches to the work.
  • You may also let us know if we have to take any step towards enhancing our Developers' productivity.
  • You may continue only if you are completely satisfied with our Developers' work.

Features of Contract hiring and Remote In-sourcing

Hiring Developers from Picco Talent can offer you the best outsourcing model, best hiring plan and a tried, tested and proven model for easy project execution.


Complete control

Unlike outsourcing, where you will lose control over your project, hiring talent from Picco Talent will give complete access to monitor our Developers' work directly.


You handpick the Developer

We present a pool of potential Developers and you may review their qualification, experience, their previous projects and then go for the best fit.


We facilitate and infrastructure is provided

Your remote dedicated Developer will be working from our premises and complete infrastructure like laptop, broadband connection, software and other tools and equipment will be taken care of by us.


Risk prevention

This completely depends on the sourcing model you choose. The Developers of Picco Talent will act at the best interests of you and you are guaranteed that no knowledge is lost.


Quality relationship and Cultural proximity

We provide you with a Developer based on your specifications and we make sure that you get the best compatibility with your project goals and your corporate culture.


Flexibility and Scalability

Hiring Developers from Picco Talent will give you complete flexibility. You may start from one Developer and then increase the number of Developers gradually depending on your project needs.